2020 Annual Report published

Our 12th Annual Report has been published and is available in the reports section of this website

In this report, we focus on the care received by patients diagnosed with oesophago-gastric cancer between April 2017 and March 2019 in England and Wales, and the outcomes of treatment. We also evaluate the care pathway followed by patients diagnosed with oesophageal high grade dysplasia in England.

What’s new this year?

· For the first time, we present information about 1-year survival after curative surgery by NHS organisation.

This year’s report highlights that:

· OG cancer services are struggling to meet the 62 day “referral to treatment” target, with a fifth of patients waiting more than 104 days.

· There continues to be regional variation in the reported use of recommended staging investigations for oesophageal cancer, which requires investigation.

· Among patients undergoing curative surgery for OG cancer, the use of enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) protocols with daily documentation in medical notes is associated with shorter length of stay in hospital.