State of the Nation Report, January 2024

In our first State of the Nation Report, we focus on the care received by patients diagnosed with oesophago-gastric cancer between April 2020 and March 2022 in England and Wales, and the outcomes of treatment. We also evaluate the care pathway followed by patients diagnosed with oesophageal high grade dysplasia in England.

State of the Nation Report, January 2024

Supplementary documents:

  1. Supplementary Figures
  2. Organisation of Audit
  3. Methods Supplement
  4. Glossary


The State of the Nation Report is accompanied by a Powerpoint template and a Local Action Plan Word template, which NHS organisations can use to review their Audit data and support local quality improvement activities.

The figures for individual NHS organisations (data tables) are available for download:

Data Tables, January 2024

Note – a revised version of the Data Tables (Version 2.0) was published on 25th January 2024 to correct an error in Sheet 9-OGC Curative surgery, column M “% patients with 15+ lymph nodes examined”. The organisation data viewer has been updated to reflect these changes. 

The NOGCA January 2024 NHS Organisation Data Viewer is available for download:

NHS Organisation Data Viewer, January 2024