Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust

Management of High Grade Dysplasia patients

Time period: 2018-22
Cancer Alliance National
Number of High Grade Dysplasia patients in audit 32 1120
Cancer Alliance National
Method of Diagnosis
– First diagnosis confirmed by second pathologist N/A 87.5% 90.0%
Treatment planning
– HGD plan discussed at MDT N/A 84.4% 93.0%
– Treatment plan for active treatment N/A 53.3% 82.0%
First treatment
– Endoscopic therapy (such as endoscopic resection) N/A 46.7% 78.0%
– Surveillance N/A 23.3% 11.0%

NOTE: Percentages have been calculated based on the number of patients with recorded data for each variable and not the total number of patients in the Cancer Alliance.

Management of oesophago-gastric cancer patients

Time period: 2020-2022
Organisation National
Number of oesophago-gastric (OG) cancer patients in audit 82 19,865
Case ascertainment for OG cancer (%) 85-100%
Method of Diagnosis
– Patients diagnosed after an emergency admission**
** Percent figure accounts for differences in mix of patients across organisations
<10 10.5% 13.1%
– Patients with referral source reported as unknown 0 0.0% 1.4%
Pre-treatment staging of cancer
– Patients having staging CT scan recorded N/A 94.0%
Treatment planning
– Patients having a plan for curative treatment 22 26.8% 37.2%
– Patients having a plan for non-curative treatment 60 73.2% 62.8%
– Patients with non-curative plans having chemotherapy or radiotherapy N/A 34.7%

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